The actual philosophy behind Lightness of Being is interesting 

like how it explores “einmal ist keinmal” (one time is nothing/insignificant) to life overall as “if we only live one life we may as well not have lived” and how that is resolved is cool

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is actually very very good and I’m glad I read it again in english after hearing the passage in Please Remember



sleep is a good idea, in theory

sleep sounds good on paper but it can’t work in practice because of human nature.

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where are the rich girls.. Call me round so I can rob your Daddy

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All This Money But No Card To Access It Because I’m Careless With Physical Possessions and Lost It, The Mixtape

shia labeouf is hot though 

new animes to look ou tofor


  • “blow up sucks”…
  • whats if the world blow up
  • Fuck Suckings
  •  Tip Sucks
  •  fuckin in ass……
  • blow the world up until u die
  • Ice Steel
  • Steel Wood
  • Fuck Trucks
  • Galaxy Blood
  • Black Blood Mist
  • Eurowanker Dies
  • Bookbag
  • Bookbag 2: Rucksack
  • The String is Too TigHt
  • Js in the corner (Junkies in the corner)
  • you J
  • you J2 :You Jay
  • Pros and Cons: what are the pros
  • who is that ur lookin at?
  • ur lookin at dick?

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i got a new debit card yesterday and lost it today

so im gonna have no food tomorrow


those british schoolkids in that “rap battle video” are better than yung lean 

i dont like yung lean not even a little bit


Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor

tbh, not surprised that she’s brought me back to life after slaying me