depredation I needs go to sleep as of two hours ago but I think you are right in that. But I also think it’s possible for people to look at what they were led to believe objectively and then make decisions free of that influence (maybe I am giving people too much credit) I guess

can’t wait to finish work early tomorrow and play runescape tbh

depredation jeromes-meme okay from the start I just said it was more complex than “all makeup is evil” which I still think is fair enough and I don’t really expect anyone to want to agree with that because I know it’s a huge and destructive industry

"You’re too much of a boy to identify as anything else" okay I’ll be a boy and fight you with these fuckj g boy hands

jeromes-meme this I agree with

i would cut off my left ballsack for the giles corey s/t on vinyl

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Just Fine - Expire

How much further can shit go south before I want to put a gun in my mouth?

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bright eyes is super depressing and i hope whoever sent that is like.. okay or whatever? so weird 

you wouldn’t wanna see me like i am now

fuck u
why did i do that

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look i get that it was bright eyes lyrics

but why they sending them to me

Anonymous: I think I was blind before I met you

¿What do this mean


pg.99 - in love with an apparition

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ivan aivazovsky