Shouldn’t you be in school c*nt


If this grand panorama is what you call god, then god is not dead


stupid face

wie niedlich

1989 Nissan Cefiro on Flickr.


lil b is sort of a joke to a lot of ppl even the ones who love him like…a black person performing absurdity for an unknown purpose confuses you because the intellect required to satirise mainstream culture to such an extent is of a level you cant fathom a black person having, especially a black person of the typical socio economic background that rappers come from? theres a reason hipsters think riff raff is a genius on purpose and lil b is a genius on accident? 


No one dies a virgin because in the end……… John Key fucks us all

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snoop dog going around in a blonde bob wig telling people he’s a white man named Todd is the best piece of performance art of 2014

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